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  • Brunch Menu, The Woburn Hotel

Brunch Menu

The Brunch menu at The Woburn Hotel is perfect to get your day started. From freshly made pastries and croissants to our English breakfast served with toasted English muffins, cured bacon or pork sausages, there is something to suit every appetite.


Available from 10.00am until 12 noon

Toast, Butter and Preserves (V) £2.15

Two Mini Croissants* with Butter and Preserves (V) £2.95

Two Mini Pains au Chocolat* or
Two Mini Danish Pastries* (V) £2.30

Toasted English Muffins with 
local sweet cured streaky bacon and fried egg £5.40
pork sausages and grilled tomatoes £4.40
vegetarian sausages and mushrooms (V) £4.10

Coffee or Tea £3.25
served with a white chocolate cookie

Glass of Milk £1.20

Glass of Orange, Apple, Grapefruit or Cranberry Juice £1.20


 Hot Beverages

Pot of Tea for One £2.40

Herb or Fruit Teas £2.40

Filter Coffee £2.40

Espresso £2.40

Double Espresso with Hot Milk £2.70

Cappuccino £2.70

Caffè Latte £2.70

Hot Chocolate £2.70

* Freshly baked, please allow 15 minutes

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

If you have any known food allergies or are intolerant to any food or beverage items, please speak to a member of staff, who will be happy to offer you advice. Please be aware that we handle allergens on our premises.(V) denotes vegetarian dishes. Please note that from time to time certain dishes or ingredients are restricted due to market availability.

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